How I got screwed…

It all started in 2010 when I opened a Belize company with Turner Little, a firm that specializes in company formations in tax havens. It seemed to be a very good idea for me because it helped us pay less tax and keep the company operational. Obviously, a Belize company needs to have a bank account in another country. Turner Little advised me to open the account at FBME Bank in Cyprus. This turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

FBME Bank is a specialized bank for companies in tax havens. Their customer support agents are one of the most friendly people on the planet but further it turned out that they don’t know much about banking. Turner Little charged me a fee to open the bank account at FBME Bank. By the time it looked like a sound plan.

After 4 years of using the account at one day in 2014 we could not access the account anymore. Finger pointing, blame, and all other pathetic hide and seek games were played by FBME and the employees. Turner Little had no comment all that time since they had no part in all these problems. What was I thinking at the time? Of course they were heavily involved. It was Turner Little in the first place who introduced me to FBME Bank.

There were months of silence. Nobody knew anything. It was after a couple of months that rumours started that it was possible to request a check to deposit on your own account. Hopeful as I was I asked Turner Little for assistance. It took them almost a year without success and no bank account was opened. If they would have done from the beginning what they should have done I would have had all my money back already.

After almost a year of trial and error I found some articles from a Cyprus and USA based firm called Legal Floris. I tried to get in touch with them and after a few attempts they agreed to help me with what they called a recovery process. Thus far they helped me to get back around 60% of our funds. Pretty amazing stuff since I had the feeling that with the help of Turner Little nothing would ever happen. You can read some of their input on FBME here.

The end is near. I have more of my money back than I initially expected. It was an expensive mistake to even consider hiring the same company as the one who brought me in trouble in the first place. If there are others who feel like Turner Little should be punished for the mess they created, spread the word. It is time these crooks are stopped. FBME and Turner Little I don’t know who the biggest crooks are.